Tuesday, 12 January 2010

© StoryTrain Ltd 2009

© StoryTrain Ltd 2009

© StoryTrain Ltd 2009

These are some illustration I did for the TV series called
and this episode aired on Cbeebies on the 9th of January.
The episode is called Dance Yourself Dizzy and the story is called
Check out the Cbeebies website to see this the story:

I am really pleased with these artworks. I drew inspiration
from 1950's animation background painting techniques and
also incorporated some collage. It was a really great job to
work on!


June said...

Great dancing Zebras! And is that warthogs doing the Tango?!

Lovely retro feel to the backgrounds too. You caught it well.

June said...

Just watched it on the Cbeebies link and now I know ...it is Bats that Tango and Warthogs do the Polka!
Great fun!

Lauren Tobia said...

looks great. love it ! just started on a job for them to!!

Leah Heming said...

Thanks guys!
Have fun Lauren, I had a great time experimenting on these.

A Productions Ltd said...

We like the drawings very much here too.