Monday, 20 September 2010

EXHIBITION @ St Georges, Bristol

I have a group exhibition on at St Georges Music Hall in Bristol
with the other illustrators from Jamaica Street Artists which will run
for a whole year (until august 2011). Every 4 months we will change the
show with each illustrator interpreting the colour of the show.
For our first show we have RED.
Below are my interpretations of the colour RED,
inspired by romance novels of times gone by.
I had fun painting the spine and pages on these using the whole of the

'Love at First Sight', acrylic and paper on canvas.

'My Sister's Habit', acrylic and paper on canvas.


Upstart Thunder said...

ffhnarr. The habit one doesn't freak me out as much now.

Leah Heming said...

Ha, you know you love it really!

Joseph Roberts said...

that exhibition poster is lovely

Leah Heming said...

Thanks for the nice words Joseph